Category: Summerland Stories

Stumbling around the useful mistakes

In the not-so-distant past, I found myself sitting alone on a rug in my living room, wondering if I would ever be more than the culmination of all my previous mistakes. In that place of darkness, the good things we do seem so dim, and I could not seem to add my good things up…
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Is discipline better than motivation?

In early 2019, a friend informed me that I lacked discipline. I argued I did not lack discipline; I lacked motivation. She sent me a South Park meme in which the karate instructor says, “Cartman-San! You rack disciprine!” Cartman replies, as can be expected, “Nuh uh, I do not rack disciprine!” But he did, and,…
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The solace in “Surrender”

Now and then I come across a song that knocks me over in a positive way. In this case, the video is also a powerful statement. The song is called “Surrender” by MALINDA, and is a story of post traumatic stress disorder in sound and motion. I can’t fully describe how much I love this…
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