Like Dark Minds

A damaged small town woman finds herself the target of a ruthless killer. Her survival depends on figuring out who to trust and how to stay one step ahead of death. Can she survive? Will she want to?

Blood Hybrid

An unknown illness is rampaging through Nashville. Estranged scientist Alexis Douglas must gather an eclectic team to try and stop the pain…but can she come to terms with her own in time?

One Step From The Edge

A routine cargo flight to an isolated island leads Blare Casey and Bon Jacobs into danger and mystery. Who is friend and who is foe? Will the unknown woman they meet help…or hurt?

Bleed The Stars

A cop with something to prove is tasked with protecting one psychotic killer from another, but The Cosmos Killer Dezi LeMarco proves to be more than an adventure. Who will remain when it’s over?

The Eternity Series

Flight to Eternity

A series of explosions wreak havoc at New Cape, forcing the Air Force Special Space Group to launch to the Eternity Space Station. Politics, uncertainty, and a fractured team dynamic could threaten their survival or pull them from the edge.


While Team Apollo struggles on board the USS Eternity, another group finds themselves stranded in the Atlantic. Suddenly, a diverse, tossed-together crew must find a way to survive the storms inside the ship and out on the ocean.

Eternal Games

After the events on the Eternity, life can’t  go back to normal. A new dynamic must form if the ragtag group wants to survive the effects of their adventure so far, as well as the new threat of a dangerous tyrant who loves to play games with life.

Eternal Power

The games may be over, but a new power struggle threatens to tear Team Apollo apart. What seems like salvation turns to doubt with the arrival of an old enemy and an unknown and scary future. Will they find each other or lose it all?

Road to Eternity

Before the events of Flight to Eternity, Cynthia Purdue is living with a motorcycle club, holding onto herself and scraping through life. When the Club President arrives, she suddenly finds herself battling for her life and her future.