Bleed The Stars

Bleed The Stars

A cop trying to forge a new path. A serial killer on the loose. A psychotic in need of protection. Rayden Glenn finds herself on the run with “The Cosmos Killer” Dezi LeMarco. Will she be able to protect Dezi, or will Dezi find her way back to The Family?

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Dezi LeMarco: The “Cosmos Killer” loved to carve stars into her victims, and is quite proud of her various psychotic diagnoses. She loves watching shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer almost as much as she likes messing with the heads of others. Deep down, there’s something about her that doesn’t quite match her fame.

Rayden Glenn: A police officer with a lot to prove to herself. She is trying to get her career back on track when Willie Mordrose, the demented leader of his own Family, escapes prison. Rayden is put in charge of protecting a former member of Mordrose’s family, Dezi LeMarco. She has to avoid getting sucked in by Dezi’s wavering personality as the search for Mordrose blazes a trail across the city.

Willie Mordrose: Mordrose once ran a family that wreaked havoc for years, killing as few as 19 people. Ten years after being sentenced to life, Mordrose and two of his more interesting “children” have escaped prison and are determined to restart their reign of terror.

Darrell Tyson: The warden of Shoreline Prison and Rayden’s close friend, he was part of the team that initially captured Mordrose. His determination to protect Dezi LeMarco puts him in a position he’s not used to.

Will Mordrose be caught before he gets to Dezi, or will he make the world pay for interrupting his self-perceived destiny?