Blood Hybrid

Blood Hybrid

Something is attacking the city of Nashville, wreaking havoc in the halls of LaRoze Hospital. Expelled scientist Alexis Douglas finds herself sucked back in to pin down the cause and save the rapidly growing class of patients. An escaped inmate, an arrogant colleague, recent history and an evolving medical beast threaten the possibility of success. Will lightning strike twice, or will the blood hybrid win the war?

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Alexis Douglas: When it comes to genetics, there’s very little she can’t do. A PhD at an early age, she’s lived her life on an endless string of personal missions. After frequent clashes with the LaRoze University Board, she finds herself in a place she never expected. When lives are on the line and everything she knew is turned upside down, she embarks on what will become her most important mission.

Natalie Merrick: Once an important part of Alexis’s life, she reappears at the worst possible time. Her determination to set things right and her tendency to leap into unknown situations combine to put her in a dangerous position.

Donnie Sumero: A security guard at LaRoze University and Alexis’s closest friend, he steps up once again to help fight potential disaster.

Other main characters: Dr. Maria Mackey, board member and advisor; Dr. Brent Rosher, the arrogant thorn in the side of his colleagues; Willis LaRoze, the owner and CEO of LaRoze University; Rich Poller, CDC investigator.