Like Dark Minds

Like Dark Minds

Kasey Laughton is on the mind of a sadistic killer. She’s been damaged, abandoned, and doesn’t know who to trust, but now she has to find out where she stands. Her survival may depend on it. Will old friends, her own tenacity, and the mysterious appearance of FBI agent Gina Cessario be enough to outmaneuver a madman? Who will survive the mind games, and who will find redemption?

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Kasey Laughton – Kasey knows all about the concept of tragedy. After losing most of her family and feeling betrayed by those she trusted, she’s descended into the only place she feels safe. Distrustful, sarcastic, and sometimes self-destructive, she plays to the extremes, unable to tell who can help her. She talks tough and acts tougher.

When she’s targeted by a ruthless killer, Kasey has no choice but to find someone to trust, and quickly, before she winds up on a road she can’t come back from.

Gina Cessario – Gina is obsessed with tracking down a killer she believes has murdered similar-looking people in several big cities. When she hears of another possible link, she races to Martin’s Bluff to assist in any way she can. When her own secrets come out, she’s forced to abandon her usual methods and instead finds herself stuck like glue to Kasey Laughton, the woman who appears to be next on the killer’s hit list.

While dealing with the disruptions in her own life, Gina must try to pull Kasey back to center, which proves to be no easy task. As the endgame comes closer, Gina has to decide where she really belongs, and her obsession changes from who she wants to die to who she wants to live.

Justin Rangley – Rangley has been Kasey’s protector since childhood, until a series of events and misunderstandings got in the way. Now as Sheriff he finds himself desperate to once again protect someone who isn’t always interested in being saved.