Christy Summerland is an author and aircraft enthusiast who specializes in flawed characters from a variety of backgrounds. She chooses subjects ranging from relationships to PTSD, science fiction to adventure, and crime to thrillers. The ongoing Eternity Series follows the exploits of the Air Force Space Group known as Team Apollo. Check the Writings page to see what’s new or find out more about Christy Summerland.


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Stumbling around the useful mistakes

In the not-so-distant past, I found myself sitting alone on a rug in my living room, wondering if I would ever be more than the culmination of all my previous[…]

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Endurance Book

Book Recommendation: Endurance by Alfred Lansing

Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage is the type of book you read when, 1. You’ve realized you need to work on personal discipline, and 2. You’re open to stories of survival[…]

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Is discipline better than motivation?

In early 2019, a friend informed me that I lacked discipline. I argued I did not lack discipline; I lacked motivation. She sent me a South Park meme in which[…]

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The solace in “Surrender”

Now and then I come across a song that knocks me over in a positive way. In this case, the video is also a powerful statement. The song is called[…]

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Just learn to see…

“Just learn to code.” There aren’t many modern phrases that annoy me quite like that one. It’s usually a comment casually tossed at someone who works in a declining industry,[…]

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