Christy Summerland Bleed The Stars

Eternal Games

Eternal Games is the second book for Team Apollo and part of the overall Eternity Series. 

The most dangerous man is the one who thinks life is truly a game... As if the destruction of most of the known world and a rash of near-death experiences weren't enough, the members of Team Apollo must now adapt to a new kind of life. All of their work and whatever safety they may feel is suddenly threatened by a man who thinks life and death is a grand game... And he lives to play.

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It is 16 months after the events on the USS Eternity space station. The six members of Team Apollo, with the growing population of Fort Chaffee, are still trying to find answers about what really happened to the planet they love. As they try to restore communications and handle the many changes happening in their lives, trouble appears in the form of a methodical tyrant who turns the entire dynamic upside down.

CJ “Rockstar” Sharp is still adjusting to her new role as second-in-command and parent. General Dominic Esteban is coming to terms with being in charge. Alina “Houdini” Vasquez is trying to find herself amid the changes she sees in her teammates and friends. Tara French spends her time trying to keep everything stable. Artur Volkov is driving himself to distraction in his attempts to fix the world. But when they risk losing one of the people they love most, everything else pales in comparison.

Events of the last 16 months have to be dealt with. Priorities have to change. And a madman has to be stopped before they all fall victim to his eternal games.

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Eternal Games