Christy Summerland Bleed The Stars

The Eternity Series

About The Series

The Eternity Series starts with the events of Flight to Eternity and follows two groups: Team Apollo, the Air Force Special Space Group assigned to the Eternity space station; and a group of survivors on a modified aircraft carrier who must learn to work together. 

The Eternity Series is growing, telling the story of what happens when the world goes to hell. Click The Timeline above to see the full list of books and how they fit in.

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The Timeline

While release dates for books within both series can be staggered, they are easy to follow. If considering both series as one overall unit, this is the timeline of events. The main series starts with Flight to Eternity. Any books appearing before it in the timeline are prequels.

Road to Eternity: Cynthia "Cropduster" Purdue

Flight to Eternity: Team Apollo Book One

Oceanborn: Lost Oceans Series Book One

Ocean's Apart: Lost Oceans Series Book Two

Eternal Games: Team Apollo Book Two

Eternal Power: Team Apollo Book Three

On The Water's Edge: Lost Oceans Series Book Three (not definitive)

Eternal Change: Team Apollo Book Four

Touching Eternity: Team Apollo Book Five

Saving Eternity: Team Apollo Book Six (working title)