Christy Summerland Bleed The Stars

Eternal Power

Eternal Power is the third book for Team Apollo and part of the overall Eternity Series. 

Forging a new existence on a damaged planet is never easy. As the members of Team Apollo and the growing family of Fort Chaffee continue to find their way in a new world, a power from the past emerges to test the team dynamic. Will the sometimes strained coalition gain their footing in time, or will they lose everything they've worked for?

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Less than a month after defeating a psychopathic tyrant named Rayard Rosen, Team Apollo are coming to terms with the events of Eternal Games. Dominic Esteban continues to remake himself into a leader, while his second in command, CJ Sharp, tries to pick up the pieces of her tested teammates. Cane "Dreamboat" Sanford must adjust to life after killing Rosen. Alina "Houdini" Vasquez looks to find her true place in the world while the entire Chaffee crew works to integrate the technology they inherited from Rosen.

After Rosen's lieutenant reveals a secret, Team Apollo is reintroduced to a power from the past and their world is shaken. A search for position becomes a struggle for life as a broken crew must dig deep to survive. Will Apollo ride the lightning once again, or will they crash and burn?

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Eternal Power