Flight to Eternity

The Eternity Series is a growing family of books and stories that focus on what happens after worldwide destruction almost ends everything. The primary series centers around Team Apollo, a group of six Air Force Space Command pilots, and the small cadre of people they live and work with. Their adventure begins in Flight to Eternity. 

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Flight to Eternity follows the US Air Force Special Space Group as they are forced to leave the Earth for an uncertain future aboard the USS Eternity space station. In order to survive they and the civilians and politicians on board must learn to deal with their surroundings, each other and power struggles until they are forced to make the ultimate decision.

In the meantime, the past threatens to get in the way for Apollo members CJ Sharp and Sean Dresden. Civilian and social worker Tara French is forced into the role of psychologist, and attempts to bridge the gaps and understand the tumultuous team dynamic while they all fight to keep the human race from falling into the abyss.

US Air Force Special Space Group

General Jonathan Randall: The commander aboard the USS Eternity, he is the man with the responsibility of expanding his crew, keeping the team together and keeping them all alive.

Colonel Shaloa Yang: Randall’s second in command and general mediator.

Colonel Dominic “Domino” Esteban: The flight leader and first member of the original Team Apollo, he is like an older brother for the team. He battles to find himself as more of a leader over time.

Captain CJ “Rockstar” Sharp: The second in command of Team Apollo, and the one most obsessed with space, she has to deal with a traumatic past and present in order to be the best that she wants to be. Her overprotective nature is at once endearing and frustrating to Tara French.

Lieutenant Alina “Dini” Vasquez: CJ’s best friend and the undisputed Houdini of Team Apollo, her unconventional ways and knack for getting into and out of almost any situation become more valuable than ever on the Eternity.

Lieutenant Rob “High Roller” West: Mr. Cool loves nothing more than a good gamble, but his love for his team creates a sometimes contradictory balancing act. He is the true mediator and grounding force for Team Apollo.

Sergeant Sean “Sharpshooter” Dresden: Once the most focused and driven member of Team Apollo, he is now out of focus personally, fighting a constant struggle to maintain his work ethic while his grip on what once sustained him continues to dissolve.

Sergeant David “Dax” Devaro: The spiritual force of Team Apollo, his destiny threatens to overwhelm CJ, his beloved childhood friend.

Other Main Characters

Tara French: She won a spot on the Eternity only to find herself in charge of keeping the crew sane, a task that isn’t always easy. Her mission to bring CJ around becomes all-consuming, and she has to work to find a middle ground for everybody.

Artur Volkov: The cosmonaut called the “Smartest Man in Russia” becomes an indispensable member of the crew.

Blake Mirano: The shy genius, designer of the USS Eternity.

Congressional Representatives: Speaker Augustus Thomas, Douglas Alexander, Daniel Reynolds and 47 other members of the House take up an uneasy residence.

Miscellaneous Characters: Crew Chief Simon Halstead, mechanic Billy Shift, civilian Jenny Todd, trainees Cane Sanford and Cynthia Purdue, Dr. Charles Vanderlay, healer Ginga Vera, food scientist Alexandra Lehane and more round out the cast.

Aircraft Featured: F-16 Fighting Falcon, space transports, Starcat space fighters

Flight to Eternity

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