Christy Summerland Bleed The Stars


While Team Apollo struggles on board the USS Eternity, another group finds themselves stranded in the Atlantic. Suddenly, a diverse, tossed-together crew must find a way to survive the storms inside the ship and out on the ocean.

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Trapped on a wounded aircraft carrier in the middle of some of the worst storms in recorded history. Shocked by explosions that may be even worse than originally believed. Lost without communications or a direction, with no way to know what’s happening in the world at large. 

Kit West, niece of an Air Force astronaut and assistant to notorious reporter Elena Cruz, finds herself surrounded by strangers in an unfamiliar situation. With no way to gather outside information, the passengers and crew of Eric Hunter Dupree’s luxury carrier must find a way to survive on their own. 

Can the HDS Liberty stay afloat? Will the multiple classes on the ship cost themselves a chance at survival, or will new alliances be born? 

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