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Road to Eternity

Road to Eternity: Cynthia “Cropduster” Purdue is a short prequel to Flight to Eternity. It is 2042, two years before the events of Eternity, and Cynthia Purdue is living in the clubhouse of a notorious motorcycle club in North Platte, Nebraska. Two years removed from the loss of the last of her family, she is struggling to find her direction and has become rather complacent in her position as the somewhat unwanted house guest of the Red Platte Crew MC.

When the RPC president returns to North Platte, the life she was surviving is suddenly turned upside down. In a matter of a few days she has to decide where she’s going to go, decisions that will eventually lead her to the USS Eternity.

Several people who have seen where the Eternity series is going have mentioned that Cropduster is one of their favorite characters and, because little is known of her life, Road to Eternity fills in some of the gaps. A Road to Eternity prequel for Lyndie Logan and Xavier Jared is coming. Stay tuned.

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Road to Eternity