Inside The Characters, Bleed The Stars, Part 1

Dezi LeMarco is the unlikely result of a conversation that began with a simple question, posed to me by a friend: “If I was a serial killer, what would I be like?”

An hour later, after a hundred permutations, a lot of laughs, and some philosophical musings, I’d written a character sketch that pushed me to start outlining what became Bleed The Stars.

Dezi can be vicious, but she also has an ornery and endearing side. Once out of her cell she wants to have fun, and Rayden’s job of protecting Dezi isn’t always easy. She sings, plays tricks, and loves the stars, but she also jokes about death and makes threats to try and get what she wants. Rayden spends as much time trying to figure Dezi out than she does doing almost anything else.

Rayden Glenn is a police officer coming off a series of personal problems. Watching out for Dezi forces Rayden to face the things that truly scare her about her mission and her own life. They butt heads one minute and are close to friends the next. Their interactions vary between amusing and terrifying.

Lara Lindrau is a shoutout to my Steampunk-loving friends, a character sketch I started writing after seeing WWE wrestler Becky Lynch. As for her personality, she’s constantly curious, the person you’d go to if you needed a devil’s advocate. She has skills that aren’t entirely legal but turn out to be very useful.

Anna Jacobs is a freelance reporter with ethics. She’s far more interested in truth than website clicks. I loosely based her on a few people I knew in college, who had dreams of changing the world of journalism.

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Bleed The Stars is available in print and eBook now. Check out more info on the book or go directly to Amazon.

Bleed the Stars

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