Inside The Characters, Bleed The Stars, Part 2

Willie Mordrose is a user of the worst kind. He zeros in on a person's worst fears and weaknesses and uses them to get his way. He has no compassion at all, and feels the world is only right when he gets his way. His twisted concept of destiny is all the justification he needs for the crimes he instigates. His softer side is specifically manufactured to ensure loyalty, and the majority of his day is spent thinking of new ways to manipulate humanity.

Eric Samson was homeless when Mordrose found him, and his weakened mind was a perfect breeding ground for The Boss to cultivate. It's hard to tell if he's inherently evil or simply surviving in the only family he's ever known. He does care for Dezi, as much as he's capable, a weakness tailor made for Mordrose to tweak.

With Borne Mathers, there is no guessing. He's huge, he's nasty, and he enjoys inflicting pain. As Mordrose's chief enforcer, he doesn't need to much in the way of manipulation. He's more than happy to do whatever is required to enrich Mordrose's Family.

Jake Grazos was once close to the officers who initially captured the Mordrose Family. Now he's in charge of finding Mordrose and the person responsible for the escape. He has a long list of reasons behind his determination to succeed.

Darrell Tyson is the Warden of Shoreline, where Dezi LeMarco has been kept for a decade. He puts multiple events in motion that both help and hinder the investigation. His true motive is the one thing he keeps secret.

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Bleed the Stars

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